Reversal of Fortune

Posted September 26, 2008 by inspiredminds
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Another quick update.

Seems I was not destined for this job, because now I have lost it. They treated my like crap from day one and never even trained me properly.

I hung in there best I could and considering I have loads of experience in the field, I had to adjust to the new merchandise and way of doing things-especially short handed.

I completely lacked any get up and go and dreaded going there. Really. And it started to show as I went to work late day after day. I found it difficult to concentrate and focus. Then, they used that against me and gave me the sack…lol Guess I gave them the rope to hang me with, sort of speak.


Now back to square one, searching for yet another shtty job. Really need to find my muse and get things rolling.

I do have some great ideas and can even go into a business with someone. She already has a great product and a decent customer base. She just wants some marketing help and maybe some sales leads on my end. Advertising and whatnot. This I have experience doing, so no real problem there.

Perhaps this is what I have been looking for. Little to no cost to get in, and most of the hard work is already done!

Well, time to move on and see where this takes me. I have other ideas and just need to get off my ass and do it, especially since I can’t seem to hold a J.O.B. anymore. I really feel I have reached a point in my life, where I just don’t want to be told what to do. More and more I find discomfort in being told how to do my job by others who have never done it, or even care. They just want results no matter how it affects you.

Well, enough of that! Next J.O.B. I get will for sure be non retail. YUCK. Retail sucks. I really want to find something I can do from home, but there are SO many scams out there.

I did learn a lesson and am following it through-I still have my emergency fund. It is not much, but it is still there. And kept my cell paid to stay in contact with possible prospects and of course family and

On to bigger and better things!

*J.O.B. = Just Over Broke

Quick update..

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Just a quick update…

Got a new job! I thought that they would call, and they did! Cool. Decent pay, but better hours. Have since gotten my first check from them…NICE! Hard work though…and short staffed in the beginning. But has gotten better.

Much motivation to get outta the rat race! But for is what it is.

Actually have started my emergency fund! Yeah! $50. Not the worst and not the best..but a start. And enough left over to pay my carfare for the month, cell phone, and storage fees. Fridge is stocked and things are looking good.

I am still sending out resumes, and have found some good contacts as well. Just have to stay on track and not let go of my dreams.

Better get some sleep before i start to drift and

More to come …

Working on it..

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Just been busy last few days. Usual stuff that i should, and will be batching….laundry, food shopping, etc. Even put some stuff into storage to make space. Been a couple of good days. Got stuff done, productive stuff. And that is always good news.

Going to start breaking down my spending habits, since one of my goals is to have $1500 + to move down south. And have a really good job and/or new source of income to support myself. If i don’t watch the nickels, the dollars wont take care of themselves. Must work on my emergency fund too. Getting caught with your financial pants down is NO

Will try and post my spending habits, so that others can compare. Room for improvement? Suggestions on lower prices? Batching ideas? Shopping tips? Open to all.

Well, i better get some sleep. Good news is just around the corner..

I can feel it 🙂


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I was planning on finally leaving NY. But things don’t always work out the way you want them to. I look back, and realized that there are still a few lessons that i need to learn before i can move forward full steam.

Being an open minded person, i can usually find a way around a problem, or help give advice to someone in need. But it feels weird when YOUR the one not following your own advice.

So it seems i’m not ready.

I need to take a step back and retool. Rethink.


To rebuild my life from the ground up. To take my life and really shape it as I see fit..not for the benefit of others.

After reading (and re-reading) “The 4Hour work week” by: Tim Ferriss, i started to make positive changes in my life. Working better hours, watching less TV, and getting out from under the mountain of magazines, articles and junk mail.

But something was missing. I was still here stuck in a crappy room, living with people i didn’t want to live with and noise. I wasn’t focusing and i was losing sleep. And began to unravel my productivity at work.

So after mis-firing my move down south, i realized that it was for the best. I missed a crucial lesson that i knew all too well, but didn’t act on. I foolishly acted on emotion, instead of from a position of strength.

I tried to jump over the moon, sort of speak without the proper funds or extra source of income. Foolish.

But, i was able to find a cheaper place thru a friend, closer to transportation AND cheaper rent! And got the kick in the ass needed to not only find a new job, but to really find my muse and go for it full steam- to really find a new source of income. And make it work.

Lesson: Time waits for noone, but acting w/o thinking is dangerous. If your looking both ways crossing a street, why not look before you leap in life and in business? Sometimes we are our own worse enemy.

Time to blow up the wall in front of me. Break the chains holding me back.

Time to set the proper foundation for my future.

Time to rebuild.

10 Reasons to go on an Info Diet

Posted June 29, 2008 by inspiredminds
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1: To Free Your Mind- Your mind gets bombarded with advertising. Food, clothes, movies, liquor, etc. Without this clutter, you can think more clearly. And think for yourself.

2: To Elevate your mood- Constantly reading about death, destruction and worldwide tensions can only weigh you down. Can current events really be your current events when your not directly affected by it? Kill the noise.

3: To Be Healthier-Without the constant burger, fries, and junk food ads, you’ll probably have less cravings for such things. You’ll have time to actually cook real food. And you have time to walk off your meal instead of vegging out in front of the boob tube.

4: To Follow you Bliss-Sitting in front of the TV all day and night does nothing for you. You’ll have more time to pursue that hobby you always wanted to. Always wanted to paint? Take dance lessons? Start a novel? Start an investment club? You’ll see you have all the free time you need to get it going.

5: To Save Money- Without clogging up your time juggling TV, radio, magazines & newspapers, you can keep up with rentals and fees. I cant tell you how many times i returned something late and paid a late fee because of trying to juggle too many things. Less late fees and subscriptions = more $ in your pocket!

6: To Have A Cleaner Home- Procrastination and distraction kill productivity. Period. Turn off the tube and tackle the clutter. You’ll have less to clean later on, and you just might find those keys you lost last week!

7: To Be Closer To Family & Friends- Instead of hours of mindless T.V. & internet, you can have a phone conversation with someone. Or even (gasp) go visit someone face to face. Reconnect with family and friends. You won’t regret it.

8: To Be Smarter- Instead of listening to the same songs over and over again, you can use the time to listen to self-help tapes or podcasts. Amaze yourself with learning a new language or dazzle your employer with the product knowledge you studied while on the way to & from work.

9: To Go Green- When you unplug the T.V. your saving electricity-thus saving $ and helping the planet. BTW, literaly unplug. FACT: Some appliances still use up power when you turn them off. So unless you need to save certain settings on it, unplug it at night or simply when not in use.

10: To have peace and quiet. Having a radio or T.V. on all the time can be like a jabbering person talking to you all night. Turn it off and get your brain working again without the constant yammering. You will sleep better without the “subliminal” messages while you sleep.

I hope you find this useful! Comments, questions and criticisms welcome!

Focus Focus Focus!

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Tap, tap…is this thing on?’s been a hell of a ride these last few months. One minute i was celebrating a birthday & getting ready for the holidays-next thing i know, it’s spring!

What the? How did that happen?

Well, i know for a fact that i got a little lazy. I had a really great ending to the year, and lost my focus.

 I did follow my own advice and stop watching T.V. so much and cut out the nonsense magazines and timewasters i was used to. All good there.

But i got caught up in having too much fun while researching my business and my move down south. I got cable internet (a great move and sooooo worth it) but i suddenly found my self overwhelmed. I had the world at my fingertips 24/7/365. My laptop went with me everywhere. And i suddenly was not focused on anything specific. I stopped doing my daily yoga, found myself stressed and putting off my writing day after day after day.

Not good. Not good at all.

So now i am back with a vengence! I have re-evaluated my list for the next 6months and will focus my  butt off! I have daily lists to keep me moving forward. Otherwise, i will let another season sneak up on me and that cannot happen!

Time waits for noone, and it won’t wait for you either. I now see that the one major truth to getting things done, is to find what can be A: done TODAY & B: is moving your goals forward. And if it can be done today…do it. No excuses. No B.S. Just pick one, for goodness sake. And keep moving forward. If you can do that, your major goals won’t be far behind. I have done it before, and now must do it again.

*”Tommorrow becomes never. No matter how small the task, take the first step now!”

Time to put up and shut up. Batten down the hatches and get busy!

 Now to go out there and kick some ass!


*Timothy Ferriss-best selling Author of “The 4-Hour Workweek” I highly recommend it!

It’s my Birthday!

Posted November 29, 2007 by inspiredminds
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Having a nice, lazy kinda day. Decided to take a day off (was not feeling well this am) & decided to get up anyway. It’s MY day, why not take advantage of it? 🙂

Did the  laundry, and it proceeded to rain on my way home. Yeech. I put my clothes away and headed back out to my local wi fi hot spot and lo and behold..the sun came back out!


Well, another year gone by, and i feel pretty good. I have made so many changes and improvements! And i feel even better knowing that the best is yet to come. I just have to continue to keep my eyes open and keep moving forward.

I knocked out quite a few goals this year.

    New Cell phone
    Practiced Yoga again
    Laptop-my first!
    Helped renovate my apartment
    New Resume
    New Job
    Started writing my Poetry book
    Mp3 player
    Dvd player
    And best of all-Started my own blog! Yeah!

Considering that i did not have any of this at this time last year, makes it even sweeter.
I would like to thank everyone who helped me thoughout the year. Thank you Auntie-who kept me sane.
Thank you to all my friends and co-workers who gave me the positive feedback.
And Thank all of you for your positive energy and kind words as well.
This  coming year will be a fantastic one!
Time for a NEW set of goals..

    Save $1900. to move south
    Learn to swim
    Start my T-shirt company
    Publish my poetry book
    Save $3000. for Emergency fund
    Get lasik
    Go rock climbing at Red Rocks, Nevada
    Go rock climbing at Hueco Tanks, Hueco Tx

Well, time to get off my butt and go party!
Have a great day everyone!
Time for me to go get hammered! 🙂