Wow. It’s amazing what you can learn just by watching a movie. Art imitating life, indeed.

I just re-watched “Stealth” featuring Jamie Foxx and Jessica Biel. I was suddenly struck by an insight that i have been using, and thought it was important enough to share. It features a scene in which 3 fighter pilots are studying a new aircraft. And they are studying in their own unique ways, but with one common theme-music! They were all rockin’ out to music as they worked. I suddenly took note of this because i find this to be a useful study  vehicle as well. And i also listen to music to help motivate myself or elevate my mood.

I feel everyone has a song or style of music that they listen to that really pumps them up. It could be anything from classical music to country, hip-hop to rock and roll.

Do you have such a song? One that really makes your toes tap, puts a spring in your step and makes you feel like you could take on the world? I bet that you do, but just did not think of it. Choose a song that gets you going. That puts a smile on your face, and improves your mood. Just like wearing certain clothes can make you feel more powerful, the right song can turn your whole day around.

We all need encouragement from time to time.  Whether it is in relationships, school or opening & maintaining a business. I find many things that motivate me, but music is really a simple, portable way to quickly make my day wherever i go.

 TODAY’S GOAL: Find what motivates you, no matter what others may think. If it is music, it could be the theme to “Rocky”, or it could be Vivaldi’s “Four Seasons”. Puff Daddy’s “Victory” or maybe some Rob Zombie. Sit down before or after work and play your song. And this time, close your eyes and feel it. Now you have an “energizer” of your own. Now think about how more productive and happy you would feel if you filled you mp3 player with more of these type of songs!

Now go out there, and kick some a$$!

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