Setting goals is an important step in manifesting a positive future. Whether it be in business or in relationships. However, many people fail to follow thru on their goals, or even set them at all. Why is this? Perhaps it is because of past experiences. Such as the tried and true “New Year’s Resolution”. “This year i will stop drinking” or “This year i will workout everyday and lose 25 pounds by the summer!”. Then, when they fall short or quit half way, they get discouraged and give up. Until the next new year, or unfortunate health crisis.

So, how do you set an obtainable goal, and see it thru to completion in a timely manner? I find that the first step i actually the hardest. Setting the goal itself. You would be suprised how many people do not even attempt to set goals for themselves in the important areas of their lives.

Your goal should be something worthwhile and can yield good results in the area you have chosen. Health? Wealth? Relationships? Your choice, but your goal should be something you can reach in a safe and sane manner. Breaking down your goal into smaller steps (sometimes called baby-steps) is key. This way, you are not overwhelmed and can monitor your progress without micro-managing yourself into oblivion.

Set realistic timetables for these goals as well. For example: if you have never driven a car before and are trying to get your license by the end of the week, you’re going to be sadly dissapointed. However, if you do your due diligence (i.e. homework), you can see how long the process usually takes and tweak it to fit your own timetable and needs. Just the small step of calling the DMV and having the info sent to you, can radically help because as the info is on its way, you can be doing another baby step. Perhaps you can take a lesson per day instead of once a week. Maybe even get lessons from a trusted relative or friend, which i did.

Get the idea? I hope this helps you as it helped me. I was able to get my lessons and license very quickly (within 1 month) by breaking it all down, and staying focused. More on this topic in the future. I hope i whetted your appetite for success!

Get out there, set some goals and kick some a$$!

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