What’s stopping you?

That’s what my friends would always ask when i proposed a new project, business idea or just wanted to travel. It became a constant, nagging question. And i soon began to ask myself that same question time and again. Watching my friends & co-workers go on to their own success stories. I gave out plenty of advice, but had yet to heed it fo my own benefit.

 You see, i suffered  from analysis-paralysis. Or more commonly referred to as procrastination. I would try to think of every angle and shortcut to accomplish what i wanted. And more times than not, i would start with a great florish and then sputter and stall. Then of course, i would shelve the project, promising myself to come back to it. Since i am no longer a child with “all the time in the world”, this is a serious no-no. Especially in this day and age with everything and everyone zooming in fast forward. If you don’t act quickly and decisively with focus and deterimination, someone else will. And that will leave you sitting on the curb wondering “what happened?”.

Determinating what goals to pursue is one thing. Follow thru is  the next critical step,but so many of us stall out or don’t start at all. So you’ll  have to do some serious soul-searching and dig to find the root cause of what keeps you from reaching your full potential.

This was a hard step for me, because it forced me to really look at myself and my daily habits.  I  had to deterime how these habits impacted how i spent my time.

What i found kinda shocked me.

I found that my time was pretty well spent when it came to everyone else. But the 1 person “at the scene of the crime”, who got in my way the most?

Yep. Me.

Or more specifically, how i was spending my down time.

I was able to pinpoint specific behaviors that were detrimental to me and my goals.

                           1:watching way too much “junk” t.v.

                           2: staying up late on work nights

                           3: eating too much junk food

                           4: not exercising

Just the t.v. watching alone was killin’ me! After a long day of work, i was watching like 6 hours of t.v.! Not even counting the endless videos i rented from the library. And the mindless (bad)news, Maury/Springer/TMZ chatter. That’s 6 hours that could have been better spent on any number of things. Starting my poetry book. Drawing. Constructive reading. Dusting off 1 of my screenplays and actually doing some writing. Cooking a real meal. Actually relaxing and getting proper rest. All viable options i was blind to.

Armed with this information, i was able to plot positive change.

I recently read an excellent book by Timothy Ferriss called “The 4-Hour workweek”. In it, he recommends going an a “low infomation diet”. Little or no t.v., magazines, newspapers, etc. Stuff that just wastes time and don’t fill your mind with positivity.

Just what i needed!

So, i actually cut my viewing time, especially the local news/tabloid stuff.

WOW-what a difference.

With this change alone, i freed up enough time to persue this very goal-my very own blog.

Positive manifestation in action! And it feels soooo good because i planned it, took action, and made it happen. And i am getting positive feedback.

So ask yourself. Seriously. What’s stopping you? Opportunities for positive change are all around you. But you must keep an open mind. And be willing to make the neccessary changes.

” I can’t change the direction of the wind, but i can adjust my sails to always reach my destination.” – Jimmy Dean

Nuff said.

Now go out there and kick some a$$!

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