Open Your Eyes

It’s always a good idea to keep your mind & eyes open. With life going by so fast, we sometimes don’t see what is right in front of us.


We overlook our family, friends and golden opportunities. We get caught up in the moment. But, instead of it being a moment of intention, purpose and focus, it is usually more like a moment of hectic chaos and worry.

We truly need to slow down sometimes & look around. Smell the flowers. Hug our children or even just re-affirm our faith or goals.

Try and take a moment today & notice things and people. Even if it’s just on a lunch break, or the commute home. Let your mind think of the good things in your life. And how you can make them better. Think of your family and how you enrich their lives by being true to your own.

And last but not least. Really keep your eyes open. I’ve literally found hundreds of dollars in my daily travels. Yes-hundreds. Just by keeping a keen eye on what was in front of me.

Something to think about. We sometimes really do have what we need-right in front of us.

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