Never take “NO” for an answer!

Scene: Checking out book and video from local library.

Players: Inspired Mind & Ms. Library clerk.

Inspired Mind: Hi, how are you?

 Library clerk: Fine.(takes my materials, scans my card and makes a face)                        

LC: You have an outstanding balance.

I M:  Yes, i know. (smiling because i am well under my limit)

LC: Well, you have to put something on your balance. You’ve had this balance for sometime now.

IM:  I’m under the limit. I come here everyday. (she knows this) What can i give you? .50 cents?

LC: 2 or 3 dollars..

IM: What?!

LC: Sir, if there is a problem, you can go talk to my supervisor (giving me that “i know she will back me up” look)

IM: Well, i don’t have that…

LC: (pulls my materials across desk so i can’t take them back) Well, sorry-you can’t rent these today.

IM: No?


I walk away at this point, wanting to knock her teeth out..then i calm down, make my internet appointment and leave.

The next day…

I pick up the video and book off the shelf and walk over to another clerk i know-sitting right next to the same clerk from yest.

She smiles, scans my card, checks my stuff out-never even mentioning my balance-and wishes me a goodnight. I take my stuff and not so silently give yesterdays clerk the finger as i walk past <smile>.

THE LESSON: NEVER take NO for an answer.

Not until you have exhausted every option, and tried your best to obtain the materials or knowledge you need.

It is usually the ones with the least real power who seem to block our paths from time to time. Is it a power trip?  Are they on the rag* that day?

Or perhaps they are just not in the know of what could or should be done.

Don’t let that stop you. Go for yours. Exhaust all avenues, and walk away with you head held high knowing you did your best.

Now go out there and kick some a$$!

*Feel free to comment. It’s just an expression after all.  🙂 

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