Always have a Plan B.

Multiple Streams of Income.

Ask yourself, “Am i prepared in case i somehow lose my j.o.b.*? What about my spouse? “.

Life can get crazy when it comes to this issue.

Having lived thru my fare share of “oh sh*t-what now?” moments, i can speak to the need for some type of backup plan. A “plan B”, if you will.

Not too long ago, a local beef plant sold some “tainted” meat and had to conduct a recall. This hit the company hard, and corporate decided to close its doors.

Interviewing a woman as other employess came and went to say their goodbyes, she told of how she was worried about her health care. And that she now had to find a new job and start all over.


Many of us, myself included get stuck in our jobs. We get bogged down in the day to day hustle and get into our “comfort zone”.

But how comfortable is it, if you can lose your job at a moments notice-even if it is something out of your hands or had no control over?

Stories like these are popping up all over America. It is especially prudent nowadays to have a backup plan. Something. Anything.

It could be just having some savings in case of emergency. Or just keeping abreast of your job market for openings and opportunities.

I just recently got a 2nd job to help finance my current goals.  Here are some of the things i did to make it happen in a timely manner.

1: Always have your resume updated, and printed. You never know when a golden oppurtunity make arise. 10 copies is a good start.

2: Have your resume backed up on a disk, and stored in a safe place.

3: Have your interview clothes clean and pressed. It would be bad to get a quick interview,only to have to run to the cleaners and have them delay you.

4: Stay on top of your desired field. An ear to the ground type of thing. If they post for your dream job, will you be ready?

5: Have your interview skills up to par. Practice answering standard questions with a friend or relative.

6: Keep your resume language engaging. Be specific and honest. If you mangaged a staff of 100 employees, say so. Don’t just say you were a manager.

7: Have an Emergency Fund. This is priceless. Always have one. 1 month – 3 months savings for important expenses. Rent, housefood, carfare & utilities. 3 months is better. 6 months is best, but have something for that rainy day.

These are a good start. Keep these in minds as you search for your next job. Hopefully you are starting your own business, or creating some other income stream, but at least you won’t get caught in your bosses crosshairs unprepared.

Now get out there and kick some a$$!


*J.O.B. = Just over Broke. 🙂

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