A Pretty Good Day!

Despite the wet cold weather today, my day went pretty smoothly.

I credit this to my new habit set, and it seems to be working.

1: I watched only 1 t.v. show and 1 movie last night(The Amazing race-and-Ravenous). I usually watch alot more.

2: I kept the phone conversation with my girlfriend to a min, so i got some decent sleep and was able to get up early to get to work without stress.

3: Got up early enough to get my breakfast casually without rushing.

4: Well rested and fed, i breezed thru my day unstressed and un-interrupted. Finishing 85% of what i needed done, i was able to leave on time and proud of the work i accomplished.

5: Went to the library on time to make my appointment,and was able to make an appointment for tomm-thus saving me stress of worrying if i would get a computer.

Except for the weather(which is out of my hands anyway), it was a great day.

By having a plan and sticking to it, i felt that i maximized my time and really got stuff done.

Premium planning+positive action=primo results! 🙂

Now get out there and kick some a$$!

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