Woke up @ 4:30am feeling dreary tired and cold. Not really feeling well, so i decided to take a day off from work. I went back to sleep and woke up at 3:15pm!

Guess i needed the rest.

I’m not a fan of cold weather & am planning to move to a warmer climate soon. I think i am one of those who get the “winter blues”.

I did some needed work around the house and ended up going thru my poetry book. I found one that seemed to be fitting for today…

WINTER  (tm©right Jan 2003 InspiredMinds/C.S.B)

Winters disdain for warmth reflects the hibernation of joy within me.

The shadows & darkness reflect the den of misery inside.

I sleep and escape only to wake and whisper to the coming day-

                                                   no joy…

                                                           no joy.

We all get down sometimes. I feel it is best to embrace it because there is a lesson in it. Then, let it go.

Put it on paper and then throw it away. Or call and tell a close friend. Maybe even just scream into a pillow.

The important thing is to just get it out.

I’m sure you’ll feel better.

Just remember your not alone.

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