Acting on lessons learned.

Happy Holidays everyone! I hope you all had a happy and healthy one! I made it thru mine ok. Spent some quality time alone, but did call some good friends, my Aunt, and my girlfriend. They were all happy to hear from me cause they

I made some kick-ass progress lately and i’m so psyched!

I recently got my 1st check from job #2 and promply went and finally got my laptop! YEAH!. Even got a wi-fi card FREE! And i was finally able to load my mp3 player. No more 5lb cd player..HA HA. I feel like i’m part of society if i can just upgrade from my ol’ 19″ b&w tv…hmmmm

Anyway, had a lesson learned moment today. Went back to my favorite library and got the “gotta put a few dollars on your acct, you can’t rent these” speech. Sheesh. I am beginning to think they have a quota..:)

Well this time, i held on to my items, smiled politely and went upstairs to my secret “no questions asked” desk . This clerk promptly checked out my stuff with no problem.

Was almost a deja-vu moment, then the lesson kicked in. I was ready!

So- the question is- are you learning from your daily travels? Are you actually taking notes and making neccessary changes?

Life throws us lessons over and over again till we get it right. It can be frustrating till you let this fact sink in. How many times can you butt your head against the wall, you know?

When life throws a wall in front of you and you success, go over it! Around it! Get some spiritual dynamite and blow that sucka up! LoL. Just don’t let anything or anyone stop you. From finding financing for your start up or even just renting stuff, or finding work.

The answers are out there waiting for you. Act on the lessons given to you.

When you take positive action-you’ll always be rewarded.

 Now go out there and kick some a$$!

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