It’s my Birthday!

Having a nice, lazy kinda day. Decided to take a day off (was not feeling well this am) & decided to get up anyway. It’s MY day, why not take advantage of it? 🙂

Did the  laundry, and it proceeded to rain on my way home. Yeech. I put my clothes away and headed back out to my local wi fi hot spot and lo and behold..the sun came back out!


Well, another year gone by, and i feel pretty good. I have made so many changes and improvements! And i feel even better knowing that the best is yet to come. I just have to continue to keep my eyes open and keep moving forward.

I knocked out quite a few goals this year.

    New Cell phone
    Practiced Yoga again
    Laptop-my first!
    Helped renovate my apartment
    New Resume
    New Job
    Started writing my Poetry book
    Mp3 player
    Dvd player
    And best of all-Started my own blog! Yeah!

Considering that i did not have any of this at this time last year, makes it even sweeter.
I would like to thank everyone who helped me thoughout the year. Thank you Auntie-who kept me sane.
Thank you to all my friends and co-workers who gave me the positive feedback.
And Thank all of you for your positive energy and kind words as well.
This  coming year will be a fantastic one!
Time for a NEW set of goals..

    Save $1900. to move south
    Learn to swim
    Start my T-shirt company
    Publish my poetry book
    Save $3000. for Emergency fund
    Get lasik
    Go rock climbing at Red Rocks, Nevada
    Go rock climbing at Hueco Tanks, Hueco Tx

Well, time to get off my butt and go party!
Have a great day everyone!
Time for me to go get hammered! 🙂

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