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10 Reasons to go on an Info Diet

June 29, 2008

1: To Free Your Mind- Your mind gets bombarded with advertising. Food, clothes, movies, liquor, etc. Without this clutter, you can think more clearly. And think for yourself.

2: To Elevate your mood- Constantly reading about death, destruction and worldwide tensions can only weigh you down. Can current events really be your current events when your not directly affected by it? Kill the noise.

3: To Be Healthier-Without the constant burger, fries, and junk food ads, you’ll probably have less cravings for such things. You’ll have time to actually cook real food. And you have time to walk off your meal instead of vegging out in front of the boob tube.

4: To Follow you Bliss-Sitting in front of the TV all day and night does nothing for you. You’ll have more time to pursue that hobby you always wanted to. Always wanted to paint? Take dance lessons? Start a novel? Start an investment club? You’ll see you have all the free time you need to get it going.

5: To Save Money- Without clogging up your time juggling TV, radio, magazines & newspapers, you can keep up with rentals and fees. I cant tell you how many times i returned something late and paid a late fee because of trying to juggle too many things. Less late fees and subscriptions = more $ in your pocket!

6: To Have A Cleaner Home- Procrastination and distraction kill productivity. Period. Turn off the tube and tackle the clutter. You’ll have less to clean later on, and you just might find those keys you lost last week!

7: To Be Closer To Family & Friends- Instead of hours of mindless T.V. & internet, you can have a phone conversation with someone. Or even (gasp) go visit someone face to face. Reconnect with family and friends. You won’t regret it.

8: To Be Smarter- Instead of listening to the same songs over and over again, you can use the time to listen to self-help tapes or podcasts. Amaze yourself with learning a new language or dazzle your employer with the product knowledge you studied while on the way to & from work.

9: To Go Green- When you unplug the T.V. your saving electricity-thus saving $ and helping the planet. BTW, literaly unplug. FACT: Some appliances still use up power when you turn them off. So unless you need to save certain settings on it, unplug it at night or simply when not in use.

10: To have peace and quiet. Having a radio or T.V. on all the time can be like a jabbering person talking to you all night. Turn it off and get your brain working again without the constant yammering. You will sleep better without the “subliminal” messages while you sleep.

I hope you find this useful! Comments, questions and criticisms welcome!


It’s my Birthday!

November 29, 2007

Having a nice, lazy kinda day. Decided to take a day off (was not feeling well this am) & decided to get up anyway. It’s MY day, why not take advantage of it? 🙂

Did the  laundry, and it proceeded to rain on my way home. Yeech. I put my clothes away and headed back out to my local wi fi hot spot and lo and behold..the sun came back out!


Well, another year gone by, and i feel pretty good. I have made so many changes and improvements! And i feel even better knowing that the best is yet to come. I just have to continue to keep my eyes open and keep moving forward.

I knocked out quite a few goals this year.

    New Cell phone
    Practiced Yoga again
    Laptop-my first!
    Helped renovate my apartment
    New Resume
    New Job
    Started writing my Poetry book
    Mp3 player
    Dvd player
    And best of all-Started my own blog! Yeah!

Considering that i did not have any of this at this time last year, makes it even sweeter.
I would like to thank everyone who helped me thoughout the year. Thank you Auntie-who kept me sane.
Thank you to all my friends and co-workers who gave me the positive feedback.
And Thank all of you for your positive energy and kind words as well.
This  coming year will be a fantastic one!
Time for a NEW set of goals..

    Save $1900. to move south
    Learn to swim
    Start my T-shirt company
    Publish my poetry book
    Save $3000. for Emergency fund
    Get lasik
    Go rock climbing at Red Rocks, Nevada
    Go rock climbing at Hueco Tanks, Hueco Tx

Well, time to get off my butt and go party!
Have a great day everyone!
Time for me to go get hammered! 🙂

Acting on lessons learned.

November 26, 2007

Happy Holidays everyone! I hope you all had a happy and healthy one! I made it thru mine ok. Spent some quality time alone, but did call some good friends, my Aunt, and my girlfriend. They were all happy to hear from me cause they

I made some kick-ass progress lately and i’m so psyched!

I recently got my 1st check from job #2 and promply went and finally got my laptop! YEAH!. Even got a wi-fi card FREE! And i was finally able to load my mp3 player. No more 5lb cd player..HA HA. I feel like i’m part of society if i can just upgrade from my ol’ 19″ b&w tv…hmmmm

Anyway, had a lesson learned moment today. Went back to my favorite library and got the “gotta put a few dollars on your acct, you can’t rent these” speech. Sheesh. I am beginning to think they have a quota..:)

Well this time, i held on to my items, smiled politely and went upstairs to my secret “no questions asked” desk . This clerk promptly checked out my stuff with no problem.

Was almost a deja-vu moment, then the lesson kicked in. I was ready!

So- the question is- are you learning from your daily travels? Are you actually taking notes and making neccessary changes?

Life throws us lessons over and over again till we get it right. It can be frustrating till you let this fact sink in. How many times can you butt your head against the wall, you know?

When life throws a wall in front of you and you success, go over it! Around it! Get some spiritual dynamite and blow that sucka up! LoL. Just don’t let anything or anyone stop you. From finding financing for your start up or even just renting stuff, or finding work.

The answers are out there waiting for you. Act on the lessons given to you.

When you take positive action-you’ll always be rewarded.

 Now go out there and kick some a$$!

Give Thanks.

November 21, 2007

Ahhh, the holiday season is upon us yet again.

The time of year to once again stop, reflect and give thanks for what we have and what the year has brought us.

After my mom passed away years ago, i did not really celebrate thanksgiving (or any other holidays, for that matter) anymore. I felt alone and heavy with a sense of loss.

But upon reflection, and thru other trials and tribulations i have survived and feel better about this time of year.

In the cycle of life, there will always be loss.

But if you open your eyes and your heart, you will find plenty to give thanks for. I do.

I give thanks for being alive.

I give thanks for being healthy.

I give thanks for my family-who love me no matter what.

I give thanks for my friends who are always there for me.

I give thanks for having a job (actually 2 of

I give thanks for having food and a roof over my head.

I give thanks for the goals i have set and accomplished.

I give thanks for all of you, who have looked at this blog and for all your positive energy!

This year, stop and give thanks for what you have.

You have more than you think.

Happy Thanksgiving to you all.



November 21, 2007

Woke up @ 4:30am feeling dreary tired and cold. Not really feeling well, so i decided to take a day off from work. I went back to sleep and woke up at 3:15pm!

Guess i needed the rest.

I’m not a fan of cold weather & am planning to move to a warmer climate soon. I think i am one of those who get the “winter blues”.

I did some needed work around the house and ended up going thru my poetry book. I found one that seemed to be fitting for today…

WINTER  (tm©right Jan 2003 InspiredMinds/C.S.B)

Winters disdain for warmth reflects the hibernation of joy within me.

The shadows & darkness reflect the den of misery inside.

I sleep and escape only to wake and whisper to the coming day-

                                                   no joy…

                                                           no joy.

We all get down sometimes. I feel it is best to embrace it because there is a lesson in it. Then, let it go.

Put it on paper and then throw it away. Or call and tell a close friend. Maybe even just scream into a pillow.

The important thing is to just get it out.

I’m sure you’ll feel better.

Just remember your not alone.