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August 11, 2008

I was planning on finally leaving NY. But things don’t always work out the way you want them to. I look back, and realized that there are still a few lessons that i need to learn before i can move forward full steam.

Being an open minded person, i can usually find a way around a problem, or help give advice to someone in need. But it feels weird when YOUR the one not following your own advice.

So it seems i’m not ready.

I need to take a step back and retool. Rethink.


To rebuild my life from the ground up. To take my life and really shape it as I see fit..not for the benefit of others.

After reading (and re-reading) “The 4Hour work week” by: Tim Ferriss, i started to make positive changes in my life. Working better hours, watching less TV, and getting out from under the mountain of magazines, articles and junk mail.

But something was missing. I was still here stuck in a crappy room, living with people i didn’t want to live with and noise. I wasn’t focusing and i was losing sleep. And began to unravel my productivity at work.

So after mis-firing my move down south, i realized that it was for the best. I missed a crucial lesson that i knew all too well, but didn’t act on. I foolishly acted on emotion, instead of from a position of strength.

I tried to jump over the moon, sort of speak without the proper funds or extra source of income. Foolish.

But, i was able to find a cheaper place thru a friend, closer to transportation AND cheaper rent! And got the kick in the ass needed to not only find a new job, but to really find my muse and go for it full steam- to really find a new source of income. And make it work.

Lesson: Time waits for noone, but acting w/o thinking is dangerous. If your looking both ways crossing a street, why not look before you leap in life and in business? Sometimes we are our own worse enemy.

Time to blow up the wall in front of me. Break the chains holding me back.

Time to set the proper foundation for my future.

Time to rebuild.