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Quick update..

September 9, 2008

Just a quick update…

Got a new job! I thought that they would call, and they did! Cool. Decent pay, but better hours. Have since gotten my first check from them…NICE! Hard work though…and short staffed in the beginning. But has gotten better.

Much motivation to get outta the rat race! But for is what it is.

Actually have started my emergency fund! Yeah! $50. Not the worst and not the best..but a start. And enough left over to pay my carfare for the month, cell phone, and storage fees. Fridge is stocked and things are looking good.

I am still sending out resumes, and have found some good contacts as well. Just have to stay on track and not let go of my dreams.

Better get some sleep before i start to drift and

More to come …


Working on it..

August 19, 2008

Just been busy last few days. Usual stuff that i should, and will be batching….laundry, food shopping, etc. Even put some stuff into storage to make space. Been a couple of good days. Got stuff done, productive stuff. And that is always good news.

Going to start breaking down my spending habits, since one of my goals is to have $1500 + to move down south. And have a really good job and/or new source of income to support myself. If i don’t watch the nickels, the dollars wont take care of themselves. Must work on my emergency fund too. Getting caught with your financial pants down is NO

Will try and post my spending habits, so that others can compare. Room for improvement? Suggestions on lower prices? Batching ideas? Shopping tips? Open to all.

Well, i better get some sleep. Good news is just around the corner..

I can feel it 🙂